Year: 2012

From “Waterfront Streetcar Suffers Still From City Leaders’ Malign Neglect”

by Michael van Baker on November 14, 2012

…This spring, it was not trumpeted in the news that a section of the track was ripped out as part of the

The latest update from Tom Gibbs.

Hi again everyone,

Some very good news:

  • On 10/13 at the invitation of Lloyd Flem, Executive Director of All Aboard Washington (AAWA), I presented the Benson Trolley story to the Board of the Association.

Hi everyone,

A couple of items to report:

  • During the past several weeks I’ve been discussing another issue with members of the City Council and during each meeting the councilmember brought up the Benson Trolleys and re-affirmed his/her support.  I

There are some very interesting comments being posted in response to today’s Crosscut article, including this from Ray Gastil, the former planning director for Seattle and Manhattan.

“The waterfront trolley deserves a more serious review, and it is great

C. B. Hall writes in Crosscut:

George Benson’s handsome old streetcars languish in a warehouse. They belong in the planning for a revived waterfront. Better yet, extend the line to the stadiums and SoDo.

Hello All,

Some notes on recent activities regarding the Benson Streetcars:

  • Met County Councilmember Larry Phillips to review our position on re-activating the Benson Trolleys to provide N/S transportation in the new Waterfront Park. Pointed out that the trolleys would

Hello all,

On July 9th I participated in a panel discussion at Horizon House where the City’s planning director, Marshall Foster, provided a preview of the material presented at the Seattle Center on Thursday. The County Executive’s transportation policy advisor …


Thank you for sharing your concerns with me.

I certainly understand that the streetcars hold a special place in the hearts of many in Seattle and beyond. I myself have fond memories of trolley rides along the waterfront. Formerly, …

Thank you for contacting me regarding the historic George Benson Waterfront Streetcar. I appreciate your advocacy for restarting or expanding service along this line, and sincerely apologize for my delay in following up.

As you may know, for several years …

Hello all,

This is very good news.  Sally should be commended for her support.

As mentioned before, the key to success now is making sure the waterfront park plan includes a streetcar line.

I will be participating in a panel …