Month: June 2013

Community support for streetcar evident at waterfront meeting

From Tom Gibbs:

Many thanks for all you did to make Wednesday evening’s event a success.

I was impressed by how many folks we got to attend the affair and how uniformly they voiced their support for the vintage cars.

Maintenance base location available, and other good news

From Tom Gibbs:

I met the City’s senior engineering staff last week and reviewed their findings regarding transportation options for the waterfront. The GREAT news is that they found a site for a maintenance base for the vintage cars!!  The

Show your support at upcoming meetings, get a sticker

Show your support for the historic waterfront streetcar!

Join us at the June 20 Belltown Community Connectors meeting

and the

June 26 Waterfront Seattle Street + Transit meeting.

Get a sticker.


Seattle urban and transit planning: a failure of vision

David Brewster writes in Crosscut about the failure of Seattle to have a strong planning vision. While his article doesn’t have much to say about transit, it echoes something Charles Hamilton wrote just a couple of days ago.

Seattle’s piecemeal

We Need You to Attend the Waterfront Meeting June 26; 1,500 Signatures; Ideas Wanted

Participation Critical at June 26 Waterfront Meeting

The planners managing the June 6 Open House for the Center City Connector don’t seem very interested in the Waterfront Streetcar. Please attend anyway, and make our voices heard.

But Tom Gibbs says …