Attend the Waterfront meeting on July 12

Hi everyone,

Thanks to the marvelous outpouring of support for retaining the waterfront streetcar line, I’ve been able to compile a very large list of individuals who feel strongly about the future of our waterfront and, more specifically, saving the legacy created by George Benson- The Waterfront Trolley. You’re receiving this e-mail because your took the time to write me and offer your help. This is the first of what I hope will be a series of messages suggesting ways to let our elected officials know that we value our past and want to preserve elements of it for enjoyment by ourselves and future generations.

On July 12th at 5:30 PM in the Exhibition Hall at the Seattle Center, will host a public meeting on the waterfront park plan. The meeting’s theme is “Waterfront into Focus”. As I mentioned to some of you in my individual responses to your letters, I have been told by folks close to the planning team that an alternative transportation plan for the park will be offered that shows a streetcar line in the new Alaskan Way. We need to attend the meeting and voice our support for that option. Without it, there is no future for the Waterfront Trolley!!

Please go on line to and click on the meeting notice so that you can RSVP. Bring friends and family. Numbers count.

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  1. Thanks for leading the charge to restore the waterfront streetcar! I was there on Day 1 in May 1982 and took many rides on the cars over the years, including on their last day of operation. The City’s and County’s handling of this Seattle icon has been very disappointing to say the least. Talk about their lack of vision! Let’s deliver a strong message to them on the 12th. Long live the waterfront streetcar!

  2. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed riding the streetcars along the Seattle waterfront. The streetcars add a unique addition to the ambiance of the area. I would also think that it would ease the traffic logjams that will be created when the viaduct is torn down and replaced by a four lane tunnel. It will be a shameful reflection on our city officials if the trolley line is sold.

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