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Letters from citizens about the Waterfront Streetcar. Also see the Facebook Group, the “Why People are Signing” section of the petition page, and the comments sections of the articles linked from the News page.

Utility for the greater Seattle Streetcar Network

As a city temp, I contributed to the 1998 Waterfront Streetcar Extension Study. I have since served as planner for several rail transit projects around the country.

I endorse reintroducing the Benson Line along the new waterfront. The old single-track …

It’s not too late

I support your efforts to retain and re-instate the vintage waterfront streetcar service in the City of Seattle. A wholesale criminal act has been unfolding in-between Ron Sims, leadership of SAM, and now apparently Metro itself in trying to quietly …

Direct action

I am coming to the conclusion that the citizens of Seattle will have to take direct action to force the city to save the trolley. I would suggest an initiative to force a public vote.


Some reason for optimism

Thanks, Jim, for your strong letter. I’ve forwarded it to the appropriate members of the City Council. There is some reason for optimism in that I understand that the park planners will offer an alternative that provides for a …

Streetcar was an integral part of the Seattle waterfront

Dear Mr. Gibbs,

I wish to state my strong support for your efforts to restore the George Benson Waterfront Streetcar to Seattleā€™s waterfront.

It borders on criminal the way Ron Sims and SAM conspired to kill the Streetcar by ripping …