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Petition to Save the Waterfront Streetcar tops 1,000 Signatures

The online petition at to save the Seattle Waterfront Streetcar has received over 1,000 signatures. The latest coverage from Seattle Sketcher in the Seattle Times put us over the top. But please don’t stop signing!…

Seattle Sketcher posts Waterfront Streetcar images

Hey Seattleites, did you ever ride the Waterfront Streetcar line before it was dismantled eight years ago? Would you like to ride the vintage trolleys again? I’m asking readers to vote on my poll at, where you

Port Commissioner Creighton supports reviving the Waterfront Streetcar

Port of Seattle Commissioner John Creighton posts on Facebook:

I’d love to see the street car back. It would be great for those of us who work on the Central Waterfront as well as visitors to the Sculpture Park

“Urban Connectors” Event March 28: What About the Waterfront Streetcar?

Please encourage “urban connectors” like the Waterfront Streetcar!

The Promise of Urban Connectors Series
Pioneer Square Session
Waterfront Project Inspirations

Join us for for a compelling Beer & Culture focusing on The Promise of Urban Connectors in Pioneer Square to

Study: Waterfront Streetcar important option for Seattle mobility

A study by transportation planner Peter J. Voorhees shows that the Waterfront Streetcar line is an important component of citywide transit mobility. Voorhees proposes frequent service, to be provided by both vintage and modern streetcars (as is done on San …

Waterfront Streetcar petition approaches 1,000 signatures! Please help get more!

We’re approaching 1,000 signatures on our petition! We’ll want to send it to the Mayor and Council when they’re considering options for waterfront transportation, likely sometime this summer.

We are increasingly optimistic about our ultimate success, and the petition …

Puget Sound Business Journal: Could Seattle resurrect the George Benson waterfront trolley?

A quirky part of Seattle’s not-so-distant past could come back to life in the form of the George Benson Waterfront Streetcar Line.

Some prominent citizens are backing the plan, and city officials are interested.

“It is something we have been

KIRO-TV, KING-TV cover effort to bring back Seattle’s waterfront trolleys

Group hopes to bring back Seattle’s waterfront trolleys

SEATTLE — A plan is in the works to bring back a piece of Seattle history — the vintage trolleys on the city’s waterfront.

The group behind the effort said the plan

Update from Tom Gibbs: Committee formed to Save Our Streetcar

From Tom Gibbs:
Hello everyone,

And, a belated Happy New Year!

Much to tell.

First, let me give you a ‘Heads Up’ regarding an article that will probably appear on-line in the Puget Sound Business Journal. Marc Stiles, staff …

Mayoral candidate Peter Steinbrueck supports restoring Waterfront Streetcar

On Facebook, Peter Steinbrueck was reacting to today’s Seattle Times story on linking the Pike Place Market to the waterfront. In response to our comment

Once visitors reach the waterfront, how will they get around? We should be restoring the