Community support for streetcar evident at waterfront meeting

From Tom Gibbs:

Many thanks for all you did to make Wednesday evening’s event a success.

I was impressed by how many folks we got to attend the affair and how uniformly they voiced their support for the vintage cars. The labels are a real hit with everyone. I got great ‘vibes’ from senior city officials who indicated that our cause took a very large step forward.

Now, we have to maintain momentum through the next 6 months so that the City Council and the Mayor are convinced that the Benson Trolleys should be re-activated. I believe we should urge that letters be written to the elected officials is important to capitalize on last night’s energy.

One reply on “Community support for streetcar evident at waterfront meeting”

  1. Indeed, good show, Tom! I told the S-DOT staffers with whom I spoke that the Benson Streetcars alone would be a “compelling reason” to not drive into the congested waterfront area.

    Several pro-Benson Streetcar people did NOT want the cars “modernized” ; they wanted to retain the original integrity of the Melbourne equipment.

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