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  1. Just because the Waterfront Trolley doesn’t cost billion$ and won’t bring in Federal and State grants, doesn’t mean that the Mayor and the City Council can blithely pretend that they did not promise to restore the trolley line. City government needs to keep its promise to the people. It shouldn’t take a genius to connect up the waterfront track with the other existing and proposed lines into a coherent system. We’re all sorry that, against the wishes of the actual people who will be paying the bill, you’ve gone ahead with building an inadequate, overpriced tunnel that few will use. Now you need to get busy figuring out how you’re going to move people through the gridlock that is becoming our trademark. If you all can’t figure out how to move a lot of sports fans in and out of SODO and ignore the obvious waterfront tracks which would be a lot cheaper to extend to Holgate street than anything else, then what are we paying you for? Busses are only an answer if the streets are clear and traffic is moving, right? No, the trolly won’t solve every transportation problem in this geographically challenged town, but connect up the scattered lines and you can have a coherent contribution to a daunting problem caused in no small measure by lack of foresight and big developer induced blindness. Put the Waterfront Trolley back into service and connect it to the Capitol Hill line that’s going in. You might be surprised by the results. Stop the foot dragging, time is running out.

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