Waterfront Trolley and TOD – Orphan Road

“Since they closed down the Waterfront Trolley, the Aquarium has gone broke, the Smith Tower has 13 vacant floors (including all the streetfront retail) and Danny Westneat was able to count 21 vacant storefronts in a stroll around Pioneer Square recently.

“If the current leadership, and that means the Mayor, the Port Commissioners, and the King County Executive, can’t bring the trolley back we should put them in storage too. Seattle’s DOT worked up five potential new trolley lines fast enough- now put them to work making the trolley we already have run again.
“Make some noise, people, make some noise.”

Seattle Transit Blog¬†confirms that the Waterfront Streetcar maintenance barn is among Metro’s budget cuts. 2/20/2009

Seattle P-I¬†reports that the Waterfront Streetcar maintenance barn is to be among Metro’s budget cuts. 9/16/08

Seattle Times: County Executive Ron Sims asks for Waterfront Streetcar to be “permanently retired.” 8/27/2008

Waterfront streetcar likely won’t roll again for a decade

The 1.6-mile line, popular with tourists, was shut down in late 2005 to make way…

Seattle Times: “Waterfront streetcar: Is it gone for good?” 4/11/08

$7.5 million OK’d for new trolley barn – seattlepi.com

The King County Council on Monday approved $7.5 million toward construction of a streetcar maintenance facility for the George Benson Waterfront Streetcar, overcoming some council members’ objections that it is too much money for tourists and fun when suburban workers need better bus service. Accor…