Petition to Save the Waterfront Streetcar tops 1,000 Signatures

The online petition at to save the Seattle Waterfront Streetcar has received over 1,000 signatures. The latest coverage from Seattle Sketcher in the Seattle Times put us over the top. But please don’t stop signing!

One reply on “Petition to Save the Waterfront Streetcar tops 1,000 Signatures”

  1. My wife and I are attentive subscribers to the Seattle Times because we are truly interested in the Seattle community – in it’s past, present, and future. It has been exciting for us to learn more about our once-loved Streetcar that ran along the waterfront. Both of us realize that the main things that make ANY community relevant and vital are a living connection between the past and our futures. The Seattle Streetcar is one of those connections we have to the past and it is a most pleasant and enriching memory that we have of the ‘older Seattle’ and we do hope that the city has the wisdom to continue, expand upon, promote and preserve this important reminder and connector of our past times to our fast expanding world.

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