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Contact the City Council in support of the Center City Connector

Tom Gibbs writes:

Hope everyone is having a happy Saturday.  Wish I could say the same for mine.

Just got word that opposition is growing  toward the Center City Connector (CCC).  As you know, this line on 1st Avenue provides our ONLY opportunity to re-activate the George Benson streetcars.

It is IMPERATIVE  that e-mails and phone calls supporting the CCC be directed to Councilman Tom Rasmussen before noon on Monday.  Mr. Rasmussen is Chair of the Council's Transportation Committee and is in a position to scuttle or support Council Resolution 31526  which designates 1st Avenue as the Locally Preferred Alternative for the CCC.

Substantive amendments to the resolution would severely damage the project's chances to obtain a large Federal grant.  Without the grant, the project is likely doomed and the opportunity to connect the South Lake Union and First Hill streetcar lines with a very viable link will be lost.  And, of course so will the vintage Benson cars.

Supporting messages to the other Council members would be appropriate, too.

Let's hope we will be successful on Monday.

To that end, attendance at the 2:00 PM Council meeting would be very helpful.



Tim Burgess, Council President; [email protected]    Office  Phone: 206-684-8806
Sally Bagshaw; [email protected]     206-684-8801
Sally Clark; [email protected]   206-684-8802
Jean Godden; [email protected]   206-684-8807
Bruce Harrell; [email protected]    206-684-8804
Nick Licata; [email protected]    206-684-8803
Mike O'Brien; [email protected]   206-684-8800
Tom Rasmussen; [email protected]   206-684-8808
Kshama Sawant; [email protected]   206-684-8016