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URGENT!! - Letters needed

Tom Gibbs writes:

Hello everyone, hope you're having a great 4th of July weekend.

We need to write members of the City Council and urge them to proceed with the planning for the Center City Connector (CCC) - the streetcar line that will connect the South Lake Union and First Hill lines. As I have mentioned in the past, it is this line along 1st Avenue that will accommodate the reactivation of the Benson streetcars and provide a historic trolley run from the International District, through Pioneer Square, past the Market and on to MOHAI.

On Monday, the Council delayed action to select 1st Avenue as the preferred alignment for the CCC when some members questioned the idea of using streetcars at all. This action was taken despite a unanimous recommendation from the Council's Transportation Committee to proceed with the project as planned by SDOT.

If the Council refuses to support the use of streetcars on 1st Avenue, we will have no chance of seeing the vintage Benson cars in service on our streets again.

I urge you to write the members of the City Council and express your support for the CCC. You can mention that connecting the SLU and FH lines on 1st Avenue provides the only opportunity to reactivate the Benson streetcars and that you strongly support that result.

We saved the George Benson cars from being sold to St. Louis by writing many dozens of letters. Let's preserve what we've started by letting the City Council know that we want the vintage cars on our streets again.

The Council will consider the CCC again on July 21st so please write your letter as soon as possible. Individual Councilmember e-mail addresses follow:

Mayor Murray is supporting the CCC so it would be useful to let him know he has your support. His e-mail address is; [email protected]

Warm regards,